What support for Trumpism suggests about the limits of our prevailing political theories.

Designing a City On a Hill

Imagine for a moment that you and a group of strangers are asked to design a set of rules that will govern the city in which you’ll live. Except there’s a catch: while deciding on these rules you don’t know whether you’ll be rich or poor; young or old; able bodied or disabled; smart or not; black, white, male, female, gay, straight, etc. In other words, you know nothing about what your circumstances will be when you emerge from your deliberations.

What rules would you decide on? You’d probably prohibit discrimination. You’d likely push…

Digital monopolies are killing local news. Is public funding the only way to save it?

I. They Came All the Way from Tokyo

Although the front page of the Warroad Pioneer rarely featured a story bigger than one involving the local high school or city government, in May 2019, the newspaper itself was the news. After 121 years of serving Warroad, Minnesota, a small city near the Canadian border, the next day would be its final edition. On hand to record the event were not only national reporters from New York and Atlanta, but also a documentary crew from the Tokyo Broadcasting System. …

Bernie Zipprich

I write about healthcare, social capital and political philosophy in today’s digital economy.

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